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SI-100C ϴ ҿ ġϿ , ϴº Դϴ. ǥ 4-20mA Ƴα Ͽ źο ֽϴ.

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- 4-20mA Ÿ ۱
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Model SI-100C
Measuring gas Combustible gas CO H2S O2
Measuring type Diffusion Type
Measuring method Electrochemical Electrochemical Electrochemical Electrochemical
Measuring range 0~100%LEL 0~500ppm (std)
0~100ppm (std)
0~30% Vol.
Sensor life time > 5 years > 2 Years > 2 Years > 18 Month
Response time < 15sec/90%scale < 30sec/90%scale < 30sec/90%scale < 15sec/90%scale
Accuracy ±3%/Full scale
Parameter Control Switch(calibration), Admin Console(maintenance, OPTION)
Operation mode display 2-LED(Operating and Zero Cal, Span Cal. LED)
Output signal 4-20mA DC(3wire)  
Cable/Distance Signal cable : 3-wire > 
1.5sq(AWG16)/2,500m max
Conduit connection NPT 3/4" (2way)
Mounting type Wall mount
Setting 1 Switch Interface(Calibration), Console set available(Option)
Remote Set via Console (Zero Calibration, Span Calibration, Calibration Gas Concentration Set,
Factory default, 4-20mA Calibration, Range Set, Data Logging)
Operating temperature -20~50
Operating humidity 5% to 95% RH(Non-condensing)
Operating power 7V to 40V INPUT DC
(12V or 24V DC 60mA normal)
Material Aluminium, Stainless steel(STS304)
Dimensions 102(W) × 137(H) × 87(D)mm
Weight 1.0 kg
Option Console
Approval Ex d IIC T5 IP65(IECEx)