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PDC 다채널 컨트롤러 (PDC Multi Channel Controller)



아날로그 8채널 디지털 최대 128채널 컨트롤러
RS-485통신, 릴레이출력
LED 가스농도표시, 알람, 채널 Number
3단계 경보표시 가능


가스모니터링 컨트롤
공장 가스 알람 및 경보시스템
공장 가스 데이터 수집 전송 장치




Analog Inputs : 1 to 8 channels, 4-20mA
Digital Inputs : Up to 128 (RS485 CAN communication bus)
Realy outputs : Each controller comes with 8 integral relays. Expandable by adding external relay
modules with 8 relays each. All realys are Form C rated 5A @ 240VAC

Input Power : 90 to 250 VAC, 47 / 63Hz

Output Power : 24VDC regulated

LED indicators : Visual indication of alarm status Low, Mid, High, Fault, Power

Display : 2 line by 16-character backlit LCD digital display
Indicates gas, gas concentration, alarm status and channel number

Time Delay : Programmable alarm time delays and mininum fan run time.
Alarm Trip Levels : Programmable threee alarm trip levels
Audible : 90dB @ 10" door mounted with silence / acknowledge button
Battery Back Up : Set up for sasy installation of a battery back up system
Enclosed : 18 gauge, locking, powder painted steel with hinged door and lexan door label
Security : Key lock on enclosure door
Certification : CSA / UL Tested for electical safety. CE pending