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하이볼륨 에어 샘플러 / TE-5000



I CFM (28.3 L) 에서 분진 분리범위 : 10-0.4 μm. Dia
우수한 분리채취 기능
Stainless Steel, Glass, Membrane, Cellerous, Filter
분진의 크기별 분리및 중량측정


EPA Method Appendix B to Part 50 에 충족
대기중 총부유분진(TSP) 측정 및 포집
39 - 60 CFM의 유량 조절가능
7- day Mechanical Timer 장착


Parameter Description
Inlet Collection Efficiency Meets EPA Code of Federal Regulations, Appendix B to Part 50
Flow rate 39cfm-60cfm [1.1 to 1.7 m3]
Filter media Glass Fiber Filter 8" x 10" [TE-G653]
Flow control Motor Speed Voltage Control/ Elapsed Time Indicator [TE-5010]
Motor blower 2 Stage Vacuum Motor 110V/60Hz [TE-116311] 220V/50Hz [TE-116312]
Flow Indicator Continuous Flow/ pressure recorder[TE-5009]
Altitude Application to 10,000 feet above sea level
Ambient Temperature Application -30 to +50°C
Relative Humidity Application 0~100%
Sample Delay Start Range 0~7days
Elapsed time indicator device Elapsed Time Indicator [TE-5010]
Motor Specifications Start up amps: 12 amps
Running amps: 6 amps